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The Mayor of Bucharest,
the capital of an european country

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This man is responsible for the slaughtering of the stray dogs from Bucharest and also for the torments and humiliation of the decent animal lovers who live in Romania.


This is the the most empty-minded, cinical, boorish and despicable romanian politician.


Fell free, in the name of normality and humanity to despise and to blame this primitive relict.

Help us to put an end to the political career of this killer!

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Let's STOP him

until there are dogs

to be saved !!!

He promised that on June, 2002,
the 200,000 stray dogs from Bucharet will be history
and so the romanian capital will be an european city at last !

Prove him that the values of the human society
couldn't be more different !


And now about and their "support" ...


From: his_tebok@yahoo.com
To: Mail_Us@discovery-europe.com
Date: Tue, 24 April 2001 10:40:50 PM
Subject: AP, HELP !!!

Please, help us to stop or to blame as we should in front of the whole civilized world the masacre of the errant dogs in Bucharest-Romania. There are about 200,000 souls involved who are about to be hunted, killed at once and turned into powder in order to spare the founds allocated for their sterilization and vaccination. The adoptions are no longer permitted and the places where these killings occur are forbidden to access including to the mass-media. Such an attitude doesn't represent the normal educated ordinary people from here and makes us desperately ashamed to be associated to this atrocity. (…)
Please, show to the world what happens in Bucharest now. Send journalists here and blame with all your influence and power this life-destructive attitude which is not at all consistent with the civilized, educated world to which we need to belong. The romanians should learn to respect and preserve life in any of its forms before claiming to be considered an european nation. So far, through its political leaders and its lack of reaction in front of this huge crime it is only a people of barbarians and should be treated accordingly.
Help us with your logistics and know-how to stop this masacre.

A. H., a citizen of Bucharest (unfortunately).


From: Mail_Us@discovery-europe.com
To: his_tebok@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 13:27:22 +0100
Subject: re..-..AP, HELP !!!

Hello !

Thank you for your email to Animal Planet.

Although the Discovery Network sympathises enormously with the predicament of stray dogs in Bucharest, I regret it is not in a position to intervene in the local political situation.

Under the circumstances, I recommend you explore the internet for assistance from International Charity Organisations, eg Action for Animals in the UK at PO Box 986, Southampton, SO19 5TR. Email: nina@actionforanimals.org

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,
Jeremy/ Viewer Relations

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This is a version of a message I've been sending to European politicians, journalists, animal protection organizations, for three months now. I didn't hope too much, but I didn't expect you, old civilized and cultured nations, to ignore completely the danger of such a primitive behaviour unconsistent with the values of the third millenium and even more, to tolerate in your vicinity such a savage relict from prehistorical times.


Message to politicians
With all her respect and hope, a simple ordinary citizen from Romania is asking you to be once more a responsible voice for the values of humanity.

I simply ask you to take into account, regarding your future contacts and relations with Romania and its representatives, the senseless slaughtering of the poor stray dogs (about 200,000 souls) which takes place in Bucharest these days. This atrocity is not happening in the third world but in your vicinity, in the capital of an european country which wants to join the E.U and N.A.T.O, in the year 2001!
I strongly hope that education, civilization, a modern reasonable behaviour consistent with the 3rd millenium-are not negociable issues when the future great european family with its well-rooted values is at stake. You and people like you made your present-day world possible including this respectful and caring attitude toward the Nature, the environment and our relatives-the animals, attitude that I’ve learned to admire so much, watching Animal Planet and Discovery.
These days, in Bucharest, dogs are poisoned with rat poison, hung with the loop or beaten to death, simply crushed on the streets under the eyes of people. Many times, pets are catched for rewards and the dogs kept in chains in people's courtyards are poisoned. People who try to help or to hide the dogs are agressed with brutality. European help has been offered from many organisations for animal protection for some years, in order to solve this problem in an europen manner-humane and civilized and a governamental programm was created with the same goal. Unfortunately, the dogs right to life and decent treatment was put at the mercy of a human waste, the Mayor of Bucharest, Traian Basescu, who decided that all the funds allocated for sterilizations, vaccinations and -in cases- for eutanasia would be saved and re-directed and all the dogs will be eliminated immediately no matter how. This empty-minded political pusher has just become the President of the Democratic Party, one step more on his way to the romanian presidency. He follows the orders of the Prime-Minister, a great hunter upset by some articles about our stray dogs from the western press. Obviously, he didn’t read those about our beggars, thieves, gipsies, dirt, lack of civilization and all-mighty polution.
I know, this is not Bosnia and you even might not care at all about animals. I dare to disturb you with this problem hoping that the rules of diplomacy won’t prevent you to expose and blame forcely such outrageous disrespect for life and barbarian behaviour which is, I suppose, unconsistent with the european way of life. Not only the dogs fate is the problem here but also the unbearable humiliation and negative stress the animal lovers are forced to experience in addition to the frustrations that any honest romanian has to endure. Our right to a decent life is denied by ignorant leaders. Many of us don't stand living among criminals.
The fate of 200,000 intelligent and loving animals cannot be a political internal issue of Romania and should be therefore, ignored by you. You, european representatives, must lay bare events like this and make them impossible in the future through sanctioning the primitive conduct, thus pleading for education. No politics or diplomacy should prevent or prevail that. This kind of behavior and “consciousness” might find its way into your realm. A man like this Mayor shakes hands with your pairs and representatives every day. European delegations after delegations come here, smiles and empty words are changed. Our Prime-Minister, our President, accomplices to this useless masacre, spend more time in your capitals than at home. Maybe you or your pairs are not aware whose hands you shake but if you are and you don’t blame and sanction, I m sorry to say but your world is no longer a hope or a model for us -it is hypocrisy in the garment of diplomacy, just an illusion of real human values.
So far, only the french Minister for Foreign Affairs and the French Embassy in Bucharest asked for this masacre to stop. I really hope that you’ll find a way to join their voices because the lack of a strong foreign political reaction made this atrocity going on for two months now.
As a simple, powerless citizen, tormented to see all around me helpless animals tortured and killed, who spent the last two months sending messages on this subject all over the world without any result, you and people like you are my last hope. As a matter of fact, I act at your own world’s call from that breath-taking moment on Animal Planet, the power of one…is to do something…anything…in your own backyard. This is the only thing I can do for these poor dogs, to cry their tragical fate to the whole world hoping that someone like you, with power and expertise, will give a meaning to the pain and effort of a simple human being like me.

With all my respect and much hope,
A.H., citizen of Bucharest - April, May, June, July 2001

July, 22
With the respect and hope gone forever, the same A.H.

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